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Homeless guides show tourists a ‘hidden’ Barcelona

On the surface, this seems like it would be a very odd tour to take. That said, I think it would also be incredibly enlightening and interesting and if ever city in every tourist place in the world had one, maybe we’d be much better off as a global society. Read more: Sin City shatters […] - (read more)

Literary Gifts for Every Reader on Your Holiday Shopping List

Here’s a good montage of gift ideas for the bookish one on your holiday list. Read more: Literary Gifts for Every Reader on Your Holiday Shopping List It can be challenging to shop for a reader. Perhaps you don’t know which books he owns already. Or maybe you don’t know if he’s the paperback or […] - (read more)

Hanukkah Gift Guides and Do’s and Don’ts for Non-Jews

You can find some really great ideas for books that explore several different facets of Jewish culture. You can find some wonderful gifts for all your friends and family members at Jewish Gift Place. This site seems to have unique gift ideas that are perfect for just about everyone on your list. And in case […] - (read more)

Easy Christmas Dog Treat Recipes

The holidays are upon us and we mustn’t forget our furry family members when thinking about our gift list. Here are five recipes for awesome (according to my furry friends) dog treats that can be used to stuff the stockings. Read more: 5 Easy Christmas Dog Treat Recipes Found! 5 super easy and super yummy […] - (read more)



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